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Alexander LentjesAlexander Lentjes

Alexander Lentjes founded 3-D Revolution Productions in 2005 to produce television animation with his own, unique vision. Alexander is one of the very few individuals in the animation industry to be specialised in stereoscopic animation production, from both a creative and a technical perspective. Trained in animation and Television Science at the Utrecht School of Arts, the Netherlands, Alexander graduated with the very first 3-D Stereoscopic Stop-Motion/CGI animation short in film history, 'The Incredible Invasion of the 20,000 Giant Robots from Outer Space', which has played at all major 3-D film and animation festivals around the world.

He started his professional career by setting up his own animation production company Sledgeham Film in 2000 and produced and directed animated commercials, trailers and stingers for Dutch television. After moving to London, England, in 2001, Alexander joined Collingwood O’Hare Entertainment to work as Studio Manager on multiple award winning 'Yoko Jakamoko Toto', 'Gordon the Garden Gnome' and the setup of 'Harry & His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs' and 'The Secret Show'.

Alexander LentjesIn 2005, Alexander decided it was time to try his hands on his own animated television series pilot and set up 3-D Revolution Productions to facilitate this production. He co-created, produced and directed 'Moonridge 5', employing a large creative production team to realise this long living dream.

Alexander speaks four languages - Dutch, English, German and French. He's currently learning Lunan, but it's a tough one to crack since the grammar book is still 178 years from being published.

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3-D Revolution Productions

3-D Revolution Productions is a Bristol, U.K. based animation production company specialized in 3-D Stereoscopic animation.
Founded in 2005, 3-D Revolution Productions works with an international base of animators, film- and video experts and production crew.
3-D Revolution Productions works from a strong base in Animated Television Series and Tailor Made Animation production, producing in Stereoscopic 3-D and regular 2-D CGI. This means thinking out of the box is daily routine and all Animation production needs are met with fresh and original results.

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3-D Revolution Productions
in association with Bejuba! Entertainment
Contact Bejuba! Entertainment for more information regarding the Moonridge 5 series proposal and co-production possibilities
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